• USO Volunteer Handbook is a detailed guide for volunteers. All volunteers are responsible for understanding and abiding by the policies contained within this handbook. Last updated 21 Sept 2022.

  • USO Participation Waiver is also required for all prospective volunteers to sign before being considered for a volunteer opportunity. It is a contract between the USO and its volunteers.  When a USO Center Director has determined they will allow a minor volunteer (not all USO centers allow volunteers under the age of 18), this waiver must be signed by minors and their parent/legal guardian. 

  • USO Privacy Policy explains the USO’s policies regarding collection, storage and dissemination of electronic information.

  • USO Code of Conduct for Adults and Minor Volunteers is required to be signed by all staff, chaperones and/or guardians, and minors, before a minor can volunteer.

  • Privacy Setting Quick Guide provides a step-by-step overview of configuring privacy settings within the USO Volunteer Community App.

  • User-Generated Content License provides an overview of the policies for uploading content to the USO's volunteer management system. 

  • USO Animal Admission Policy is an overview of the policies for admitting animals in USO centers. 

  • USO Virtual Programming Policy provides an overview for USO Staff and Volunteers who are managing Virtual Programs via 2 way communication platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Some hyperlinks will require a USO email account to access the content, please ask a local staff member for assistance.